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[2022 December 30th] Right on time before the year ends FreedomTest is receiving some updates!
There are 3 new mods and the death messages mod is fixed and back. Additionally the server now runs on Minetest 5.6.1, which comes with many improvements in performance and functionality. The new mods are redtrees (two new types of trees), party (chat channels) and hbsprint (allows sprinting while pressing the special key, by default it is "E"). There is an online guide for the party chat commands which you should read to understand how they work. To celebrate the holidays the spawn overview has been updated. Not so fun fact: generating the spawn overview took roughly an hour and a half. That is all for now, have nice holidays!

The Minetest Game anarchy server

FreedomTest is a survival server with no rules, you are given freedom of choice on what to do but that comes at a cost: you are on your own. This means there is no protection, no locked chests, doors, areas, nothing. This is not for the faint of heart, will you take the challenge?

Tunnels under the spawn lavacasts

This server runs on Minetest, a Free Open Source Software voxel game engine. FreedomTest went online on September 14 2020 at 4:30 GMT and runs Minetest Game, which is one of the many games available for Minetest, it also has many mods which add guns, machines, biomes, enemies and vehicles. Client Side Mods (CSM) have no restrictions on this server so you are completely free to use them. The main goal of this server is to remain an anarchy environment, so you can expect very little admin intervention. It also aims to be playable on many devices, you can even connect from a smartphone or an old computer.

One of the many underground caves

The concept behind this server was inspired by 2b2t and Minecraft itself, but FreedomTest is not a clone and will never be, it may have some similarities to those mentioned but it does not aim to replicate them exactly. However, you can suggest mods and features to be added to the server and I will consider them for the next update.

FreedomTest playlist from Minetest Videos

You can get a glance of the server watching the short series made by Minetest Videos showcasing the server and you should also check out his mod reviews. This server has no predefined goal, you are free to choose what your goal should be, you can either explore the world, visit other people's places, make your own buildings, destroy others', or maybe something completely different, it is up to you. Keep in mind that there is no chat moderation so it is not advised for kids or sensitive people to play on this server.

How to join the server

Playing on FreedomTest is free as well as Minetest, to play on the server follow these instructions:

  1. Download the latest Minetest version or at least >= 5.0
  2. Open the game and go to the "Join Game" tab
  3. Search for FreedomTest on the search bar or enter the address on the address field and leave the port as the default value
  4. On the remaining fields enter your playername and password, then press Connect
  5. You are now downloading the media which contains all the mods, it may take around 10 minutes the first time but next times it will be faster

Getting started

There are many items in the game so it is good to know how they work and their crafting recipes, you can read online guides for technic, its crafting recipes, pipeworks, mesecons and the party chat system which are amongst the most complex mods in the server.

Server settings (Updated every 24 hours)

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